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Welcome to your new property: next steps

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Congratulations on your new property, now what? One of the first things we suggest is that you secure you and your family by having the locks changed, and with covid a part of our lives now it'd be a solid idea to have a deep cleaning completed. Also change all batteries in your smoke/carbon detectors and also change the filter in your furnace. (If light bulbs aren't changed go ahead and buy a box now for when they start to go out)

If you haven't done so yet shop around for a good home warranty. This is different than your home insurance which covers your home's structure and belongings in the event of a fire, flood, storm damage ect. Your home warranty on the other hand will cover items such as appliances and plumbing and electrical units ect. Get a few quotes and understand the coverage as different companies will cover different items.

You might have a list of changes you wanted to make to the property so getting a prioritized list together would be a great idea too. Home projects can get expensive so jumping around to different projects with no plan is a good way to make your credit card companies happy with all of the spending you'll be doing. Get a plan, budget, and time frame for your projects to help eliminate unneeded stress.

Then there's the usual things such as utilities, cable, changing your address, and my favorite is figuring out which day is trash day.

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