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Tips to prepare for your house inspection

1. Organize and clean your house. Not only will a clean house impress the inspector, but it will also be simpler for them to reach key spaces in your house, like the attic or crawl space.

2. Attend to any small fixes. Even though repairing leaky faucets and loose doorknobs may seem like small chores, they can have a significant impact on how your home is perceived by visitors.

3. Verify that all of the services are on. Make sure everything is in working order because the inspector will need to test items like the furnace, air conditioner, and electrical system.

4. Make key locations accessible. If areas are blocked or not accessible the inspector may note that they were unable to inspect those areas properly.

5. Ensure that all needed agreements or paperwork have been signed and returned to all needed parties.

6. Everyone including your Home Inspector hopes that your property sells or that you find your dream home with as minimal issues as possible, sit back and enjoy the process and remember to ask questions.

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